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Our fourth core value is Resource COMMUNITY.  We believe that God is THE Source, and uses His people to provide resources to those in need.  This list is updated regularly.  If you would like to recommend an organization, please send us an email @ [email protected]

Category:  Scholarships

The John Campbell Jr. Beautification Scholarship Fund
Providing a deserving high school graduate with a $500.00 scholarship for doing his or her part to create a beautiful environment in the Pearland community and beyond.  Click here to apply or here if you'd like to contribute to the fund.

Category:  Prevention & Intervention Services

Change Happens
is a nonprofit that transforms the lives of families and children in high-risk communities of the Gulf Coast Region 6.  Find out more here.

Category:  Children

Compassion International 
We release children from poverty in Jesus' name. That is our mission.
Through a holistic approach to child development, we carefully blend physical, social, economic and spiritual care together…in Jesus' name.  Find out more here.

Category:  Sexual abuse/addiction

Love People Not Pixels
We exist to inspire a culture shift where individuals and communities make informed decisions to defend others from sexual exploitation.  Find out more here.

Category: Prevention/Sports/Special Needs

Be a 9th Wonder Foundation
Our mission is to provide the untapped community of students and student athletes with education, sports development and life skills training at no cost, so the once overlooked child can flourish into an employable and productive citizen.  Find out more here.

Category:  Foster Children/At-risk youth 

Love Fosters Hope
The mission is to inspire hope and bring healing to foster children and youth.
The Vision is foster children and youth will develop into healed, educated, and independent adults with hope for their future as a result of camps, mentoring, and practical support.  Find out more here.
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Please note that these resources may or may not be affiliated with a religious organization, nor are they associated with GFF and may not necessarily align with our beliefs.