– Church Covenant – 

Growing Faith Fellowship is a congregation of covenant believers that are dedicated to living solely by the infallible instruction of God’s Word, lead by His Holy Spirit, and not by the faltering wisdom of the present age.  We conduct ourselves as royalty, reigning in life through the One, Jesus Christ.  We maintain that we have graciously received our status as sons and daughters of God the Father, and we enjoy all the benefits that come with our relationship with Him as a result of the finished work of Christ.  Consequently, we graciously share with others all that God has given to us, including our time, talent, and treasures.

As Jesus was called to serve, so we must also serve, committed to a community effort to both participate and contribute in the call to be our Father’s hands and feet.  For this cause we train leaders, teach believers, target the lost, and tap resources that we may fulfill the Great Commission.  We are a bridge for those separated from the order of Heaven through ignorance, unbelief and or rebellion.

Through Christ we will be a connection between heaven and earth.  We will lavish others with His love and kindness through serving our family, community, nation, and world.  We recognize that we need each other to be effective; therefore we deem it essential to the success of our Fellowship to operate as one, celebrating and supporting one another in our individual gifting and ministry assignments.  We love God, because He first loved us, enabling us to love one another unconditionally.