Who We Are

Growing Faith was planted in March 2015.  While we are a young church, we are a growing church!  We strongly believe in creating the environment for men, women, boys and girls to grow in their faith.  We are a bible-believing, non-denominational fellowship, founded on the importance of spiritual growth and development.  We are convinced that ‘growth solves a lot of problems.’    We are committed to outreach, missions and creative evangelism.  We actively support individuals and churches that preach and teach the unwavering gospel of Jesus Christ.  Our focus is to help people mature as sons of God, where they begin to share their faith, functioning in the body of Christ to ‘advance the kingdom of heaven on earth.’

The Vision

Our Purpose

We exist to create an environment where the lost repent, our faith grows and the fruit of the Spirit abounds.

Our Vision

Believers will develop to full maturity in Christ, reigning in life as sons and daughters of God, advancing His kingdom on earth by sharing graciously, giving generously, serving faithfully and loving abundantly.